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Real Estate


The licensed real estate industry is exceptionally competitive and highly regulated. A successful agency excels at generating new listings and selling or leasing properties, while delivering a highly personalised service to their clients.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s range of innovative services and solutions simplify complex and compliance-driven administrative activities. We streamline your business processes, personalise client services, and reduce your costs.

Our solutions support the highly mobile nature of the real estate industry. You won’t have to worry about the abundant paperwork that goes with the territory building up while you’re out of the office.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation handles millions of documents every day with ease. We help real estate agencies transform their service levels with efficient, digital and automated workflows, which also improve compliance and accuracy.

And when it comes to your printing requirements, we offer smart management solutions to drive client engagement, reduce your overheads, improve turnaround time, slash wastage and support your sustainability objectives.


Enhanced print productivity and connectivity

We developed the Smart Work Gateway to support the real-world needs of businesses like yours. Conventional multi-function devices don’t meet the demands of highly mobile workers - who need to stay productive and connected, anytime and anywhere.

The FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosPort/DocuCentre VI Series of multifunctional devices are cloud-friendly, digital colour, multi-function devices. They give you access to a range of cloud services via the Smart Work Gateway. Scan and save documents to the cloud, create and update new documents, and then print directly from the cloud when you’re back in the office. You can search for the documents you need with a single login, without returning to your desk between meetings. 

Smart Work Gateway adheres to all your compliance and security policies. It’s an employee and customer-centric approach that changes the environment you work in.

With Smart Work Gateway, you and your team can work freely while on the move:

  • Ready to print – one tap of your smartphone gives you a seamless and secure printing and scanning experience. Inbuilt wi-fi provides certified and simplified Near Field Communication pairing. Authorised devices connect and print via your corporate network. Guests can connect to the device via the secondary network and print without having to install a driver. The networks are separate, maintaining the highest levels of security.
  • Connect to the cloud - print and scan directly to any of the world’s most popular cloud storage providers. Or you can integrate with FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Working Folder cloud service. Working Folder’s high security, version control and transaction history makes it the perfect solution to keep your business-critical information secure and available - whenever and wherever in the world you may need to access it.
  • Stay up with the play – the Management Console App allows you to manage, upgrade, and renew FUJIFILM Business Innovation solutions and connectors centrally. Continual App upgrades deliver free, trial and paid content, so you and your team can see the latest technology changes as they’re released.
  • Simplify and automate workflow - streamline your overall business processes and improve your effectiveness.
  • Feel the freedom – liberate your administrators from complicated device and application management with hassle-free centralised management control.

No matter where you are, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Smart Work Gateway means you get more done in less time.

Transforming your print environment
Running and managing a print environment that meets the needs of your agents and clients can be costly, difficult and support intensive. Dealing with a multitude of suppliers can be equally time consuming and challenging.
That’s why FUJIFILM Business Innovation managed print services (MPS) deliver considerable savings on short and long-term costs. This reliable, outsourced print and creative service can transform your print environment, downsize your print fleet, save paper, free up your ICT resources and provide outstanding support.
Recovering print costs from business units is simplified and accurate, and we guarantee uninterrupted and secure access to working print devices. Staff can get print access from mobile devices, giving you even more flexibility. Printers are automatically stocked with the right level of consumables and kept fully operational.
It’s the ultimate hands-off and cost-effective solution for any growing agency that’s focused on providing a high level of support to agents and clients. And the total cost of ownership of an essential service is markedly reduced.

This service is complemented by on-site creative services and printing delivered by trained FUJIFILM Business Innovation graphics and print professionals, who can produce a wide range of sophisticated and personalised marketing collateral.
Compliant and scalable content management
FUJIFILM Business Innovation DocuShare is a dynamic, functionally comprehensive enterprise document management solution which can be easily integrated with popular front-end real estate applications like Realnz.
DocuShare enables the capture and streamlined storage, management and retrieval of contracts, offers, surveys and appraisals, titles, disclosures, loan agreements, leases and comparable sales reports. You can use the in-built functionality to automate your business workflow process.
Our end-to-end solution includes FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosPort Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) for document scanning, FUJIFILM Business Innovation SolutionBuilder (for entering documents directly from the MFDs into DocuShare) and DocuShare itself (to store digitised documents and provide sophisticated workflows that automate administrative processes).
DocuShare uses web-style browsing to help you find content easily. Even when staff leave the job, their documents can be located quickly with keyword searches. User permissions are granted according to a team member’s role, so they can only access specific content, ensuring the security of confidential or sensitive information. 
Tedious, time-consuming manual jobs like filing are dramatically reduced, freeing up agents and administrative staff to do more value-added work. And there’s no need to use high-value floor space to store masses of paper archives.
FUJIFILM Business Innovation DocuShare is also completely scalable, so as your agency grows, there’s no need to review the solution. Because DocuShare can be hosted on your server or externally, you and your team can take advantage of remote access and collaboration if you choose to.
End-to-end optimised technology and support
Managing your technology is not a simple or stress-free task. It’s common to find real estate agencies working with a mix of owned and leased hardware, a fragmented infrastructure that requires constant and costly support, and limited connectivity. This combination of capital and operational expenditure (and dramatic depreciation) can push your ongoing costs up to an unacceptable level.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation OptimiseIT is a fully managed IT Service, providing a seamless environment encompassing all hardware devices, infrastructure, cloud computing and local HelpDesk support, with a guaranteed level of service.

We assess and rationalise the number of devices you need to give maximum value and impact. OptimiseIT devices include laptops, desktops, tablets and printers. And they’re replaced with the latest models every three years.

OptimiseIT means you can abandon your on-site server, along with all the issues that go along with ownership. All your applications and solutions are hosted remotely, backed up automatically, and the systems are fully-managed by professional teams.

Being part of a shared cloud environment reduces your costs and increases efficiency. You receive upgrades, updates and improvements automatically, with no interruption to the working day. You can share and collaborate on documents within the cloud environment – reducing email traffic.

OptimiseIT gives you true value for money. There’s no upfront capital investment, and because costs are charged at a set rate, your IT budget is completely predictable. Repairs, maintenance, consumables (except paper) and insurance are all included, eliminating the chance of overspends and the need for contingency funds for the unexpected. To make things even easier, if devices are stolen or damaged, OptimiseIT deliver replacement hardware the very next business day.
Streamlined data collection and automated document generation
We know that the real estate industry requires an exacting standard of documentation. The manual processes required to capture unique client data, enter it into your front-end business application and then generate documentation require the duplication of time and effort.

Infiniti, from Intelledox, combines the power of intelligent document generation, smart web forms and line-of-business integration to deliver significant value to your agency.

Infiniti utilises a Document Automation tool. The logic-based system uses segments of pre-existing text and/or data gathered from different databases to assemble the complex documents you require to support your sale and contract processes.

Infiniti’s easy-to-configure smart web forms let agents capture client information on their laptop, smart phone or tablet during a meeting. The data from the form automatically uploads into Realnz or your business application of choice, in real time. No further data entry is required. Documents (and even emails) are personalised, not only with client data, but with relevant content.

Because your agents reduce the time spent performing manual administrative tasks, they can focus on those all-important sales.
Simplifying and automating the selling process
Preparing customer-facing documents and streamlining the distribution of sales materials has never been easier or faster.
XMPie StoreFlow Pro and Core Automation from FUJIFILM Business Innovation provides your agents with individual online stores, where they can choose from a catalogue of standardised agency collateral, including templates for proposals, road signs, posters, flyers, property cards and more. From here, it’s simple to populate and customise the collateral they need and print on demand.
Agents can upload and order their own static documents in Word, PowerPoint or PDF format. Variable and static pages can be used within the same document templates as required, and personalised with customer and agent details throughout.
XMPie Storefront is simple to set up, learn, maintain and use. It supports all the latest browsers and platforms, and is accessible 24/7 from desktops, tablets and smartphones, in the office or from the road. Storefront administrators can define multi-step workflows to prepare collateral for printing. When an item is ready, it’s submitted directly to your digital press or dropped into a hot folder for collection and processing by a third-party print company.
Your agents will love the intuitive and familiar feel of their own store, where they can access state-of-the-art tools, such as social media sign-on and embedded YouTube videos. And XMPie Storefront tracks the cost of collateral as it’s ordered, giving your agent full real-time visibility of their marketing budget for any property.