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Streaming the enrolment application process

The enrolment application process can be frustratingly slow for eager students, and the influx of applications at the beginning of trimester one can be stressful for staff. Especially if you’re still transcribing applicant data by hand into your student management system (SMS) for the review and validation process. As well as increasing staffing costs during peak time, we know that the expense and effort of generating and posting out enrolment notifications over the course of a year is considerable.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s online enrolment application solution utilises Infiniti, a smart eform solution from business partner Intelledox. The solution integrates directly with your SMS and streamlines the application process and the communications around it.

Applicant details are captured on the appropriate eform and receipt is acknowledged by return email. The data captured from the eform automatically enters your SMS where it’s managed by your enrolment processing team.

The job of your Records Officer changes from entering data into the SMS to validating it, saving on processing time and ensuring data quality. There’s no need to hire casual staff to supplement your application processing team, and the time taken to notify students of a placement offer is generally slashed by well over half.

You can control minor changes to the eform in-house, which reduces your costs further. eForms have proven their popularity as a preferred correspondence method, so your outlay for generating paper forms is dramatically cut. It also gives you’re the advantage of offering applicants the cost-free option of responding by email rather than post.
The secure, accurate and flexible way to reclaim print costs.

We understand that recovering copy, print, scan and fax costs from students and faculty staff poses a significant challenge for tertiary education institutions.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosWare Management Suite (AWMS) gives you the power to account for and recover costs, without sacrificing security.

AWMS helps manage MFD integration and revenue generation for cost management and recovery, administer segregated student and faculty balance control. It provides seamless

integration with payment gateways, student e-wallet functionality and self-service kiosks for account top ups, and guest printing across multiple campuses.

AWMS tracks the quantities physically output at the device and assigns the associated pricing policy. Multiple price lines can be assigned based upon the unique billing needs of your students and faculty staff. AWMS offers complete flexibility to manage group and sub-groups by utilising two-tier price lines to generate greater cost savings. You can also apply cost variations to print management rules, and charge according to peak and non-peak periods. And by setting account quotas and discount schedules your campus can fully manage operational costs.

With AWMS you have the smarts and flexibility to charge students for different printing outputs (including scanning and different paper sizes). Featuring an intelligent zero-stop balance to trigger top ups and drive increased revenue, AWMS provides your students with the ability to print through an intuitive online application.

Your administrators can easily categorise and tally the costs by faculty, right down to the individual, and generate ad-hoc or customised scheduled billing statements to improve

operational efficiencies. Staff, students and special projects can also be set and pre-assigned for automatic cost allocation.
Easy and on-demand printing from any mobile device

BYOD (bring your own device) is not only common to many schools and businesses but is becoming a standard feature in tertiary education. As well as enabling your student to research and collaborate online, they can print on demand - straight from their device.

Designed for mobile use, FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosWare Management Suite (AWMS) makes it simple for your students and staff to submit print jobs directly from their favourite mobile devices including major mobile platforms. AWMS supports email and web printing and allows printing to single function printers.

AWMS also enables your faculty staff and students to upload documents to content management systems such as SharePoint and DocuShare, or to cloud services like SalesForce and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Working Folder.

And naturally, anything a student or staff member prints from a mobile device is subject to cost recovery.
Hands-off processing and timely approvals

The accounts payable process can be a time-consuming and highly manual activity for many education providers. Particularly if data from incoming invoices is transcribed by hand into your financial systems, and getting approval-to-pay requires multiple signoffs by various cost-centre and departmental staff.

The FUJIFILM Business Innovation accounts payable solution uses FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosPort Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) to scan and extract data from incoming paper and digital invoices so it can enter your financial system directly. Digital images of the invoices are indexed and delivered directly to FUJIFILM Business Innovation DocuShare. Which in turn, provides comprehensive workflow capability to streamline and accelerate the approval process, as well as retaining searchable, archived copies of invoices for future reference.

DocuShare tracks the progress of invoices through the entire approval process. You know exactly where each and every invoice is at any time, and whether any outstanding approvals are still required. Each signatory in the approval chain gets an email link to the invoice to sign off digitally. The link is then automatically forwarded to the next person in the queue. Tardy signatories are sent an automated reminder email within a pre-set timeframe to ensure that the invoice is ready for payment on schedule.

As well as more timely approvals, the dramatic cut back in manual processes means your AP staff can understake more value-add tasks. And the solution easily scales-up with your organisational growth.
Transforming your print environment

Running and managing a print environment to meet the needs of students and staff alike can be costly, difficult and require intensive support.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation managed print services (MPS) delivers considerable savings on short and long term costs. This reliable, outsourced print and creative service can transform your print environment, downsize your print fleet, save paper, free up your ICT resources, and provide outstanding support.

Recovering print costs from students and cost centres is simplified and accurate, and we guarantee uninterrupted and secure access to working print devices. Students and staff can get print access from mobile devices, giving even more flexibility. Printers are automatically stocked with the right level of consumables, kept fully operational, and the MACD (move, add, change or delete a device) process – a major contributor to your service desk workload – is included as part of the service.

It’s the ultimate hands-off and cost-effective solution for any growing educational organisation that’s focused on providing a high level of support to students and staff. And the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an essential service is markedly reduced.

This service is complemented by on-site creative services and printing delivered by trained FUJIFILM Business Innovation graphics and print professionals, who can produce a wide range of sophisticated marketing collateral for staff and students alike.