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Compliant and scalable content management.

We fully understand the responsibilities involved in implementing the School Records Retention/Disposal Schedule as a requirement of the Public Records Act 2005. Record retention includes emails, electronic documents, spreadsheets, databases, digital images and even sound files.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation DocuShare is a dynamic, functionally comprehensive, and of course, NAG compliant document management solution. DocuShare enables the capture and streamlined storage, management and retrieval of supplier invoices, student enrolments and administrative/historical records.

Our end-to-end solution includes FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosPort Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) for document scanning, FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosWare Management Solution (AWMS) for entering documents directly from the MFDs into DocuShare, and DocuShare itself, to store digitised documents and provide sophisticated workflows that automate administrative processes.

DocuShare uses web-style browsing to make finding content easy. Even when staff leave, their documents can be located quickly with keyword searches, ensuring institutional knowledge is retained. User permissions are granted according to a staff member’s role, so they can only access specific content, ensuring the security of confidential information.

Tedious, time-consuming manual jobs like filing are dramatically reduced, freeing up administrative staff to do more value-added work, and there’s no need to use precious school floor space to store masses of paper archives.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation DocuShare is also completely scalable, so as your school’s roll reaches capacity, there’s no need to review the solution. Because DocuShare can be hosted on your server or externally, you and your staff can take advantage of remote access and collaboration if you choose to.
End-to-end optimised technology and support.

Managing your school’s technology is not a simple or stress-free task. It’s not uncommon for schools to work with a mix of owned/leased hardware, a fragmented infrastructure that requires constant and costly support, and limited connectivity. This combination of capital and operational expenditure (and dramatic depreciation) can push your ongoing costs up to an unacceptable level.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation OptimiseIT is a fully managed IT Service, and provides a seamless environment encompassing all hardware devices, infrastructure, Cloud computing, local HelpDesk support and a guaranteed level of service.

We assess and rationalise the number of devices you need per student, teacher, classroom and administrator, to give you maximum value and impact. OptimiseIT devices include laptops, desktops, tablets, smart boards, projectors and printers. And they’re replaced with the latest models every three years.

OptimiseIT means you can abandon your on-site server, along with all the issues that go along with ownership. All your applications and solutions are hosted remotely, backed up automatically, and the systems are fully-managed by professional teams.

Being part of a shared Cloud environment reduces your costs and increases efficiency. You receive upgrades, updates and improvements automatically, with no interruption to the school day. You can share and collaborate on documents within the Cloud environment – reducing email traffic. And instant messaging saves on using student message-runners between classrooms and administration.

OptimiseIT gives you true value for money. There’s no upfront capital investment, and because costs are charged at a set rate, your IT budget is completely predictable. Repairs, maintenance, consumables (except paper) and insurance are all included, eliminating the chance of overspends and the need for contingency funds for the unexpected. To make things even easier, if devices are stolen or damaged, OptimiseIT deliver replacement hardware the very next school day.