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Investment in PrimeLink C9070 pays off for Harcourts  
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Fuji Xerox solution delivers savings in time and money
With around 40 staff and 24 licensed agents, Hartcourts Blenheim understands the need for clear communication. Mark Dannaher handles the company’s administration, marketing and advertising and IT coordination.

He says, “In this real estate company, we have so many agents that it is like having 24 different businesses in one building. They all have different needs but one thing they have in common is a requirement for quality printed material to give to their clients. The Fuji Xerox PrimeLink C9070 delivers this and more.

“We can set it up for each job separately. It is a lot more reliable than the old printer. For example, we don’t get jams like we used
to get, and the workflow is easier and simpler. It is also a hell of a lot faster than the machine it has replaced. Plus, we have not had any downtime with it.

“The print quality is excellent, and the scanning is around five to six times faster. In any business, that saving of time converts to the bottom line. A few minutes here and there adds up to hours and hours.” 

– Mark Dannaher at Harcourts Blenheim with the PrimeLink C9070 


The Fuji Xerox PrimeLink C9070 prints up to 70/65 ppm in colour, and up to 75/70 ppm in black-and-white, on coated and uncoated stocks up to 350gsm, at 2400x2400dpi resolution, supporting a variety of paper sizes including postcards and banners. It incorporates some of the innovative technology available on the company’s advanced production models enabling easy set-up and automated workflows.

Harcourts Blenheim also uses the Fuji Xerox PrimeLink C9070 to print booklets. He explains, “The agents have listings and, to help them complete appraisals, they produce brochures for clients. These are usually 24 pages, and in the past, they would assemble the pages with ring binders, which looked like they had come from the 1970s. The booklets we produce now are so much more professional looking. 

“We have templates to work off. Our creative use of templates enables us to tie the printing into our branding. Where we have one-off documents, we can insert a cover in front of the booklet. It looks like a professionally printed product. For the agents out in the market place, it is a much better look. These documents go into the public space with our branding on them. It is a matter of keeping the quality and consistency. The technology enables us to provide the agents with robust templates that help them with their work.”

The Fuji Xerox PrimeLink C9070 allows the Harcourts agents to produce more of their own marketing material. He says, “The volumes are low, so it makes sense to do that work in house. They can print business cards and for an open home, they can produce flyers for distribution in the neighbourhood.

“Because every agent does things differently, they each need different pre-settings for their printing preferences. I now have the capability to use the right software for them to get the job done. 

Harcourts in Blenheim has partnered with Fuji Xerox New Zealand for over 10 years. Dannaher says, “We value the relationship. When we were looking at the printer, we had a fantastic conversation with our account manager at Fuji Xerox and he helped us with the workflow. Our local service technician is great.

“The Fuji Xerox PrimeLink C9070 is delivering us a good return on the investment. We have learned not to cut corners on investment in technology. You can’t just lease something and sit on it for
10 years; you must keep up to date.”

Real estate presents similar challenges to other businesses. He says, “It is a matter of keeping ahead of the competition in matters of service and quality. You must earn trust. Harcourts has been voted the most trusted real estate company for seven years. Treat your clients like gold. We have a great crew here with a healthy work culture and we hold good market share in Marlborough.

“Real estate is competitive and what we can achieve with the Fuji Xerox PrimeLink C9070 helps us stay ahead of the game. Right now, Harcourts is the only company here using this quality of product. In this respect, it is about providing tools for our agents to keep them out there selling. The less time they waste on bad technology, the more time they spend on creating relationships.”

Harcourts Case Study

Harcourts Case Study

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