Fuji Xerox Completes Acquisition of CSG

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Fuji Xerox Completes Acquisition of CSG
Seeks to Expand Sales of IT Solutions and Office Printing Equipment to SMBs in Australia and New Zealand

TOKYO and AUCKLAND, 19 February 2020 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. announces that its subsidiary Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has completed the Scheme of Arrangement*1 procedures under Australian law for the acquisition of CSG Limited (hereafter “CSG”), the IT services provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. 

Effective as of 19 February, CSG has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific. Through this acquisition, Fuji Xerox aims to further expand business operations in relation to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Australia and New Zealand, by harnessing the synergies between the two businesses in relation to the supply of office printing equipment and IT services. 

“In New Zealand, the acquisition is a core part of our strategy to get ahead of a maturing print services business, expand and diversify our footprint across the industry, and create a company to better serve our customers today and into the future,” said Peter Thomas, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox New Zealand.

“Through CSG’s IT services company, CodeBlue, Fuji Xerox will now be able to provide an advanced value proposition for cost-effective and sustainable technology solutions.

“Our focus is now on integrating the companies and bringing our teams and product offerings together to deliver to the evolving needs of our customers across the country.”

CSG will continue operating with the same company name following the acquisition. Ken Sugiyama, the corporate vice president responsible for Australia/New Zealand regional operations at Fuji Xerox, has been appointed as CSG’s new managing director.

Based in Australia and New Zealand, CSG provides printing equipment and IT services for the offices of nearly 10,000 client companies, mainly SMBs. While CSG has a strong foothold with SMB customers, a majority of Fuji Xerox’s business is from large enterprise customers; thus, the two companies’ businesses are largely complementary. About 90 percent*2 of the companies in Australia and New Zealand are SMBs, and by acquiring CSG, Fuji Xerox seeks to strengthen its structure to serve a broader range of customers with optimal IT services and products. 

“CSG has a strong 30-year history of working closely with local SMB customers in providing attentive sales and support in Australia and New Zealand,” says Ken Sugiyama, managing director of CSG and corporate vice president of Fuji Xerox. “CSG will hereon be able to provide those customers with innovative products and IT services owned by Fuji Xerox such as optimizing the entire business operation processes. We look forward to the opportunity to help our customers resolve their business challenges and their businesses grow further.”

<Overview of CSG Limited>
Head office location: Melbourne, Australia
Locations: Australia- Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, plus 12 locations
New Zealand- Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, plus nine locations
Year of establishment: 1988
New management: Ken Sugiyama (managing director)
Number of employees: 670, as of September 2019
Business details: Sales, installations, maintenance and providing services of office IT equipment
for SMBs

*1: A method for acquiring 100 percent of the shares of an Australian listed company
*2: According to Fuji Xerox’s own survey

About Fuji Xerox in New Zealand
Fuji Xerox has been operating in New Zealand for more than 50 years and is part of the Fuji Xerox group of companies, a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. The company partners with senior executives and business owners throughout New Zealand to help them find innovative and low-risk document and digital print solutions that drive greater agility, visibility, sustainability and overall efficiency.

For further information please visit www.fujixerox.co.nz

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific is the subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. overseeing sales operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

About CSG, a Fuji Xerox company
Founded in 1988, CSG has a proud 30-year history of providing print and business technology solutions in New Zealand and Australia. CSG has a national sales and service footprint in both countries concentrating on small-to-medium business (SMB) customers.

CSG’s product and service offering provides SMBs with access to the latest technologies with minimal capital outlay as well as a single point of contact for their entire office technology needs.

CSG employs 670 staff as of September 2019 and operates out of 27 offices across Australia and New Zealand.

CSG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. 

For further information please visit www.csg.co.nz

About CodeBlue

Beginning as small local businesses in Australia and New Zealand, CodeBlue has been providing high-level managed IT and technology solutions to small-to-medium businesses for almost 20

years. CodeBlue is a trans-Tasman managed IT service provider dedicated to the SMB sector, with nine locations across the ANZ region.

CodeBlue specialises in providing managed IT support and cloud services, as well as business process and business intelligence services. CodeBlue partners with global technology brands to deliver comprehensive business and IT solutions for every size business

CodeBlue employs approximately 200 staff across New Zealand and Australia.

CodeBlue is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSG, and CSG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

For further information please visit www.codeblue.co.nz

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