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Is your business working smart?

Most businesses are undergoing digital transformation to work smarter, and optimize time and resources. The digital workplace is no longer the future, but the norm. Find out how FUJIFILM Business Innovation Software solutions can assist your digital transformation.

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Smart possibilities for your business

On-Demand Printing enables your staff to release their print jobs securely at any printer of their choice. This overview video introduces the various On-Demand print options offered by FUJIFILM Business Innovation.


Server-less On-Demand Print does not require any print servers on your premises. The printer effectively becomes the print server. This solution helps drive the right print behaviour by eliminating forgotten or wasted prints and allows your users to print to any printer of their choice.



Cloud On-Demand Print is a great cost-effective solution for your mobile workers. It enables your staff to print from their mobile device or PC across the internet and release the job securely at any printer of their choice.


On-Demand Print, powered by ApeosWare Management Suite (AWMS) is the
ultimate solution in giving control and flexibility back to users while still maintaining a secure and organised printing environment. On-Demand Print allows your staff to simply print to a single print queue and then release their print jobs at any printer of their choice.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Device Log Services, or LoDem, is a great and cost-effective way
for you to get the reports you need on all print activities (printing, copying and scanning) that your users do. LoDem does not require a server nor hosting services.

Case Studies

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Capital Environmental Services

FUJIFILM Business Innovation helps a New Zealand consulting services firm reduce administrative time by 30 hours by connecting their multi-function printers to cloud services. 



Hotel Indigo

FUJIFILM Business Innovation improves the efficiency and security of mobile guest printing for a Singapore boutique hotel, reducing average printing time by more than 50%.




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